Level 2: SUSOIX SpikeBoarding Certification Training for Coaches


COST $595.00


Level 2: SUSOIX SpikeBoarding Certification Training for Coaches

Register today for Level 1: SUSOIX SUS/Stand Up Spike Certification Training for Coaches.

This 3 DAY class includes training for skateboarding with a dedicated SpikeBoarding skateboard while using  a SkateBoard Spike (this device may be thought of as a single Nordic a ski pole with a custom double handle at the top) while using both leg and arms for propulsion.

Course includes 16 hours of instruction. Six 6 hours each day on consecutive days in New York City. Three 3 hours of class training and video review and 3 hours of on board training.

Participants must show proficiency in all aspects of the material covered on each day on both a written exam and physical test of competency. This class requires Level 1+2 SUSOIX SUS/Stand Up Spike Certification PLUS Level 1: SUSOIX SpikeBoarding Certification.

Housing is not inclusive. Snacks and refreshments  will be provided. You must have  your American Red Cross CPR certificate up to date and show us a copy before we provide your LEV2 Spikeboarding Certification Training Certificate. Cost for this class is $595.00.


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