SUSOIX Monthly Private Onsite Individual Coaching



SpikeBoarding training for skateboarding with a dedicated SpikeBoarding skateboard while using  a SkateBoard Spike (this device may be thought of as a single Nordic a ski pole with a custom double handle at the top) while using both leg and arms for propulsion.

Monthly Private Onsite Individual Coaching

Fitness assessment and goals are discussed

We establish a weekly training log and supply reassessment if your calendar changes or have an injury set back.

We discuss and help modify your diet and hydration.

Twenty 90 minute sessions for one month. Each week you must book out your time. No rearrangements can be made during the week.

Unlimited call, text, email.

We discuss your analysis of instructional videos you have studied and have questions about.

We shoot and review video images we create and supply with you. Six hours of review is provided in addition to the coaching time.

$1,200.00  per month


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